Maritime Defence

Naval Projects

Oceanic Marine works very closely with major contract holders for the Australian Defence Force and has been providing ongoing support and services since 2012.

The company also provides ongoing support and services for the “Black Carrillon” project run each year since 2013 for Submarine Rescue Training Exercise (Launch and Recovery). Other areas of support are Torpedo Recovery and Target Tow and where we have successfully designed and delivered speacialized tailored items for these applications.

We also support small vessel crafts including dive support, self floating fuel barges, tug vessels crew transfer vessels, flattop barges and RHIBS

Maritime Defence

  • Seahorse Standard
  • EGS – TRV Besant
  • RGS – TRV Stoker
  • HTL – Tancred
  • HTL – Tammar
  • TRV – Tailor
  • Fuel Tanker – Mowamba
  • RHIB
  • Small Landing Craft
  • Barges / FTL
  • Target Tow
  • Dive Support

Australian Defence Training Vessel

  • MATV Sycamore

Armidale Class Patrol Vessel

  • HMAS Maitland,
  • HMAS Armidale,
  • HMAS Larrakia
  • HMAS Albany

Collins Class Submarines

  • HMAS Waller
  • HMAS Sheean
  • HMAS Rankin

Replenishment Class

  • HMAS Sirius